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Nura. 20. Vegetarian. Palestinian.

you want to know me?
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I never know where to start. Probably because I don’t know why I feel the way I do, and mostly because I think that what I’m feeling is silly and childish… maybe I’m overthinking, overreacting.

Do you know that feeling when nothing seems to work for you? for your happiness?

I’ve lost myself last summer, I lost myself and I refused to realize it, I denied it and I stopped feeling—I became so empty and numb like never before.
and now I feel too much, and I’m still lost and I have no idea how to put the pieces back together. I’ve lost who I was with my friends, with my family, with lovers and others. I don’t know where to start, I don’t know what’s eating me up and holding me back. 

I still can’t catch a break, I feel incapable of being happy.