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I couldn’t fit this in your ask box so I’m submitting it instead.  Please forgive my wordiness.

First of all, its never silly or childish to acknowledge your feelings and put a name to them, quite the opposite, it’s a sign of maturity in my eyes.  

Maybe if you feel you’ve lost something it’s the perfect time to build something new?  I know that’s some shitty Hallmark card advice right there, and I can’t claim to know what you’re feeling or to even know you as a person, but I saw your post and had to say something.  I’m a bit tipsy and this is so flowery and lame, and I’m probably missing the mark entirely on what I should be saying or what you need to hear, but just know you’re never alone.  Life is long, and maybe that’s more daunting than it is comforting, but it means that you’ve got plenty of time to sort yourself out and to find happiness.  And don’t think you’re the only one struggling with that, because unfortunately that seems to be a necessary part of life.  

I would say if you’re confused about who you are, where to start, what’s holding you back, then focus inward.  Pamper yourself.  Take some time to do the things that bring you the most joy, even if that’s being home alone in your pjs binge-watching Netflix and downing pints of ice cream by the hour (oh wait, that’s my joy, sorry).  Get to know yourself again by doing that.  And if nothing brings you joy at the moment, then talk to someone about that.  I know that never sounds like a fun idea, but it always helps me when I’m feeling hopeless to say it out loud to someone and maybe to break down and cry on their shoulder for a bit.  Even if it sucks and it makes me feel weak and vulnerable, it really is healing.  I’m hoping that you have people in your life that you can rely on to remind you of who you are, that person you believe you’ve lost.  Surely someone amongst your “friends, family, lovers and others” would be glad to be that shoulder for you.  There’s also a chance that you don’t need that person anymore anyway, in which case, as I said, it’s the perfect time to focus on creating a new and better you.  God, I’ve rambled on incessantly in the most self-absorbed fashion and gone on tangents that probably in no way relate to you and I doubt any of this will be helpful, but long story short I’m here for you buddy!